Drum Instruction in Altamonte Springs, Florida!

Over the last 15 years I have had the privilege to teach drum and percussion to hundreds of students. My youngest student was age 4. I have taught children, young adults, and adults to play the drums.

Here’s what a few former students had to say:

“My son has been taking drum lessons from Bryan for about 6 years now and I am continually impressed with his teaching methods and the results I see in my son. When he started I really didn’t think he would stick with it, but Bryan’s enthusiasm and encouragement has helped my son develop a passion for percussion.

When he started middle school I realized just how much he had really learned. He appeared to be more advanced than the band level he was placed in. He played in beginning band for 6th grade but after a year of the band teacher seeing just how much Jason knew, he was placed in jazz band the very next year for 7th grade.

The summer band camps have helped my son develop a real love for drumming and music. He can’t wait until the next rock band camp! “

Sincerely,  Michael Templeton


“If you’re searching for a dynamic, talented drum teacher, your quest is over. Mr. Disbro is a great drum teacher. He was recommended to us by a sales professional at our local music store. Our son was only in 2nd grade when he began taking drum lesssons. That was five years ago and we’ve remained with him since. The lessons are 30 minutes long, once a week.

Mr. Disbro knows proper, professional drum/percussion music inside and out. And he’s so good with his students. He’s kind, patient, and maintains a respectful, happy relationship with them. Our son liked him instantly and looks forward to his drum lessons every week. Mr. Disbro goes over the practiced skill(s) in lessons and gives new skills to practice at home. There have been times when our son didn’t get to practice as much as he’d like. Bryan never makes him feel badly or pressures him. He just continues to work toward polishing and sharpening his current skills and adding more difficult skills as he’s ready for them.

Mr. Disbro has brought our son so incredibly far in his drumming ability and knowledge. Our son’s drumming and music skills has far surpassed his 7th grade age. His skills are so advanced that he’s been able to play the drums and be a leader in the middle-school worship service at our church. And he was placed in the 8th grade Jazz Band at his school, even though he’s a 7th grader.
You totally won’t regret your decision should you choose Mr. Disbro to instruct your child. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made for our son and his future in music.”

Mr. & Mrs. Drew Clifton


“Bryan Disbro is a fantastic teacher. Our son would not have become so accomplished on the snare drum without Bryan’s devoted instruction and encouragement. Jack looked forward to his lessons each week and progressed quickly. Bryan is an expert at all types of percussive instruments and can offer tutelage on various techniques.”

Maryellen Grebin

See some examples:



“Building a solid musical foundation is the key to success in the music business. Bryan Disbro began teaching me drums when I was 10 years old. To this day, I cannot express how much his teaching has influenced me as a musician and as a person. Because of Bryan’s dedication to his students and music, I was able to advance with school bands all throughout middle and high school. I learned how to read music at a young age which gave me the opportunity to develop certain musical skills at a faster pace. I now attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts  where I study Music Business and Performance. I thank Mr. Disbro for giving me the insight to music that he has and for helping me fall more in love with the best thing that has ever happened to me…Music.”

Thank you,

-Victor Hernandez


“We started our son in drum lessons when he was 4 years old. Bryan had never taken a student that young before, but was willing to try and see how it went. Over the years, our son has progressed through the rudiments and excelled in middle school band and now is marching in the snare position as a freshman in his high school band (which is quite remarkable!) I have observed Bryan interact with our son and his other students over the years. Clearly he is technically a very good teacher. Bryan has a great way of connecting with students with a wide
range of backgrounds and abilities. I have recommended him to many other parents and will continue to do so as he is a great percussion instructor.”

Dana, Altamonte Springs

To book your first drum lesson….
Please contact me by phone at: 407-383-7635 or


Contact Bryan

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